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Richard Brooke MLM Books, Network Marketing Books, Multilevel Marketing Books at 25% off

With Your Hair on Fire

by Richard Brooke

Richard Brooke shows you how to finally own your destiny and create a powerful personal vision. "Mach II With Your Hair On Fire" is simply THE Best book on Vision Crafting and achieving Self Motivation ever, anywhere. Here's exactly how it'll help you . . .

What Network Marketing success always comes down to is simply this: You've GOT to overcome whatever fears have held you back in the past, get OUT of your comfort zone, and engage in smart, productive ACTIONS which will create the RESULTS necessary to find, recruit, sponsor new distributors onto your team - and then you've got to make sure the serious ones get properly trained - so that your organization will grow, and keep growing. It's not easy, and YOU have to make sure it happens! That process needs to be duplicable, and you need to master some skills in order to know what to do, how to do it, and how to train THEM to do it too!

Getting yourself to DO all that stuff requires that YOU craft a very vivid and powerful VISION of the Big things you want to achieve. Doing THAT will create the self-motivation required to empower you to DO all the essential actions. (Action overcomes fear.) Without strong self-motivation, you'll go nowhere! Richard Brooke's powerful book, "Mach II With Your Hair on Fire" is short, brilliantly written, easy and fast to read AND it'll help you craft the vivid and powerful vision YOU MUST HAVE to bring forth and harness your necessary and vital self-motivation!

What Others are Saying About
Mach II With Your Hair on Fire

"When Dr. Norman Vincent Peale died, I felt a loss of unprecedented magnitude. After devouring this book two times, I was delighted to discover that Dr. Peale's shoes have finally been filled. Mach II will remain on my desk where it's easily accessible the moment I find myself headed toward the 'pitty potty'. In my humble opinion, this book should be required reading in every educational institution in America."

Author of Self-Wealth

"I love this book! Richard Brooke has shown us how to own our destiny and author our own reality through the power of personal vision. When you finish this book, you will know that—no matter who you are or what you do—you are an artist. And, the masterpiece you are creating is your own life. Required reading."

Sandy Elsberg
Author of. Bread Winner, Bread Baker

"Vision is the cornerstone of all achievement. And Richard Brooke's Mach II With Your Hair On Fire is far and away the most clear, compelling, complete and immediately useful, results-getting work on vision ever written!"

—John Milton Fogg
Author of The Greatest Networker in the World

"I'm of the opinion that it's the size of ones vision that determines the extent of ones courage. If you'd like to boldly go where you've never gone before, use Richard's book to take you there."

—John Kalench

"Touching and powerful, Mach II contributes Brooke's greatest gift; an inspiring challenge to change the way we think about ourselves, life, and what's possible. A masterpiece."

CEO of Success by Design, Inc.


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